Georgia quietly lost 20 kilometers: the Georgian border guards left their post, they blew up the bridge Chanchahi, a territory under the control of Russia

«Quiet lost 20 kilometers» - with the headline published in the leading Georgian daily newspaper «Resonance». It is an abandonment of the Georgian border guards on the border with Russia in Onskom area at Mamisonskom pass, transmits the correspondent of the newspaper in Tbilisi VIEW.
After that, the Georgian border guards moved deep into Georgian territory at 18-20 kilometers, blew up a bridge over the river Chanchahi, and liberated the territory came under de facto control of Russia, celebrate the publication and experts.
Earlier, Georgian border guards denied reports that retreated about 20 kilometers from the border with Russia. Patrols carried out along the perimeter, said vice-chairman pogranpolitsii leader Koba Bochorishvili.
But Georgia shocked the public information about what's happening, even more so that local residents confirm the retreat of the border guards.
«Resonance» publishes a map that shows that, if true retreat guards, in fact, expanding the borders of South Ossetia, or Russia itself facilitates access to the republic not only through the Roksky, but also through Mamisonsky passes.
«The government of Georgia, without hesitation, gave Russia another 18 kilometers of our territory, and must keep for this answer», - said ex-Speaker of Parliament, the leader of «Democratic Movement« Unified Georgia »Nino Burjanadze, whose husband, General Badri Bitsadze in 2004-2008 years led the Border Service of Georgia in the post of Deputy Minister of Interior.

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