Politics in the Caucasus: "Poison preferred drug"

Ignoring the partners of Russia in the Security Council the new realities in the Caucasus has forced Moscow to be a veto of UN draft resolution on the temporary extension of the mandate of the UN mission in Georgia and Abkhazia. Russia categorically not made a document point of recognition of territorial integrity of Georgia.
From zero hours on 16 June powers the UN peacekeeping operation in the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict zone, established by the Security Council in 1993, had expired, said the UN news center.
Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin expressed regret over the position of some members of the Security Council on the UN mission in Abkhazia and Georgia.
"Our partners, however, the preferred poison of the drug. This can only regret" - Churkin said at a meeting of the Security Council, where the proposed number of Western countries, the draft resolution on the technical extension of UN observer mission in Georgia and Abkhazia. "This decision, however, should be taken without harmful impurities policy" - he added. Postpred Russia also recalled that "the Russian delegation expressed its readiness for the new Technical Extension mission, which once a month."
Meanwhile, according to Churkin, the UN Security Council had before it a draft resolution to furnish a new security regime by a number of politically incorrect and old, contrary to the changed realities in the region of the terms.

16 June 2009 | georgia, resolution, russia, un, veto

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• UN Security Council did not question the status of Russian peacekeepers in Georgia »»»
The UN Security Council did not question the status of Russian peacekeepers in the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict, told reporters postpred Russia in the UN Vitaly Churkin, after discussing the situation in the UN Security Council on Tuesday.
• Veto Russia off the UN mission in Georgia »»»
UN mission in Abkhazia, Georgia and finally stopped on Tuesday at 8.
• Russia promises to veto a draft UN Security Council resolution if there is a reference to the integrity of Georgia »»»
Russia will use the veto if the draft resolution the UN Security Council with reference to the territorial integrity of Georgia will be put to a vote.
• Russia vetoed the renewal of the mandate of the UN mission in the Caucasus »»»
Russia, using the veto in the vote in the UN Security Council, has blocked the adoption of a resolution extending the mandate of the UN mission in Georgia and Abkhazia.
• UN has accused Georgia of misinformation about the situation in Abkhazia »»»
Security Council considered the report of Ban Ki-moon on the conflict Tbilisi and Sukhumi on Tuesday the UN Security Council held closed consultations on the settlement of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict.