Ukraine wants to bring Russia and Georgia in joint military exercises

The Ministry of Defense has made for the approval of the Verkhovna Rada a draft of the exercises "Trust 2009", which, in particular, are invited to attend the Russian Black Sea Fleet and Naval Forces of Georgia, announced on Tuesday a representative of press-center of the Ukrainian military.
The exercise also involves the participation of Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. "The exercises are planned for the Black Sea coast of Turkey, Bulgaria, considered the Black Sea coast of Ukraine. Will involve more than 500 troops, ships striking force, consisting of combat units participating countries, and up to 10 aircraft. The goal is to work out a rescue at sea, a joint swimming, evolution and protection of ships against enemy attack from sea and air, "- said the representative of the press center.
Conducting exercises in Ukraine has always claimed the Verkhovna Rada. Members of the decision have not yet adopted, said RIA Novosti.
"Trust 2009" is scheduled to be held in September 2009. Between Russia and Georgia has no diplomatic relations - have been severed Tbilisi after Moscow's recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

16 June 2009 | confidence-2009, keep, military exercises

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