Veto Russia off the UN mission in Georgia

UN mission in Abkhazia, Georgia and finally stopped on Tuesday at 8.00 Moscow time - Russia at a meeting of the Organization of the Security Council on Monday night vetoed a draft resolution on the technical extension of the mandate. The previous mandate was issued by the mission until 15 June 2009.
For a resolution renewing the mandate of the UN mission, the project which made the seven countries including the United States, Britain and France, voted in 10 countries. Four: China, Vietnam, Libya and Uganda - abstained, while Russia, with veto power, voted against.
"It (the mission), today at midnight New York time (8.00 Moscow time) ceases to function. That is no monitoring would no longer be simply bureaucratic process will begin winding down the mission" - said Russia's permanent representatives in the UN Vitaly Churkin, after meeting the Security Council.
According to him, in accordance with the practice of the UN mission is usually winding down for three months.
What was the stumbling block?
The last time the mandate of the UN mission in the Abkhazia region of Georgia, and was extended for four months in February 2009. Since October 2009, at the insistence of Russia ceased to be a mission called the United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG) and called simply "the UN mission", without any geographical definition.
Made by the seven countries of the draft resolution extends the mandate of the UN mission in two weeks, until 30 June 2009. The draft resolution on tehnicheskomprodlenii mandatamissii referred to three recent UN Security Council resolution on the subject, including resolution 1808, adopted on 15 April 2008 and reaffirming the territorial integrity of Georgia.
Project was sponsored by Austria, Croatia, Germany, France, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States.
They have made their project, after last Sunday had rejected a Russian draft resolution, which contained a number of specific measures to ensure security and maintain stability in the Abkhazian-Georgian border, including objective monitoring of the UN Observer Mission.
The main dispute has been linked with a reference to previous resolutions of the Security Council. Resolution 1808, which speaks directly for confirmation of the territorial integrity of Georgia, adopted prior to the Georgian aggression against South Ossetia in August 2008 and then subsequent recognition of independence of South Ossetia, Russia and other former Georgian autonomy - Abkhazia. Moscow and Sukhumi oppose references imply affiliation of Georgia to Abkhazia. Tbilisi, Georgia, supporting member countries to the Security Council insisted on maintaining them.
"The poison instead of medicine"
On Monday the UN Security Council consultations on Russia, as a compromise, proposed his own version of a technical extension of the UN Mission - until 15 July 2009, - without reference to the resolution supporting the territorial integrity of Georgia.
However, as noted postpred Russian Federation to the UN Vitaly Churkin, the authors of the draft resolution, UN Security Council refused this compromise, thus "preferring the drug poison."
"Once again demonstrating its constructiveness, the Russian delegation expressed its willingness to extend the new technical mission, with just a month … This solution, however, should be taken without harmful political impurities. Our partners, however, the preferred poison of the drug. This can only be regrettable, "- said Churkin.
American regrettable
Washington's reaction to Russia's veto was more than predictable. Deputy Permanent Representative United States Mission to the UN Rosemary Dikarlo at the meeting after the vote, said that her country was "deeply disappointed" that the UN Security Council failed to adopt a resolution extending the mandate of the Organization's mission in Georgia and Abkhazia.

16 June 2009 | churkin, un mission, veto

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Russia, using the veto in the vote in the UN Security Council, has blocked the adoption of a resolution extending the mandate of the UN mission in Georgia and Abkhazia.
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Ignoring the partners of Russia in the Security Council the new realities in the Caucasus has forced Moscow to be a veto of UN draft resolution on the temporary extension of the mandate of the UN mission in Georgia and Abkhazia.
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Russia will use the veto if the draft resolution the UN Security Council with reference to the territorial integrity of Georgia will be put to a vote.
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Vitaly Churkin, Russia postpred called on the UN Security Council to adopt the Russian draft resolution.
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Postpred Russia at the UN, commenting on the last meeting of the Security Council, said that “we had discussions, which were made by four or five members of the Security Council.