Russia promises to veto a draft UN Security Council resolution if there is a reference to the integrity of Georgia

Russia will use the veto if the draft resolution the UN Security Council with reference to the territorial integrity of Georgia will be put to a vote.
This is today, June 15, said the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Vitaly Churkin. "We consult the Security Council suspended until 17.00 local time (midnight on Kiev). This, as we say our Western partners, who offered her a short project with reference to resolution 1808, they were going to put to the vote. We are in the spirit of openness and Partnership expressly told that we will vote against, "- said Churkin.
In doing so, Russia proposed a new version of the technical extension of the UN mission in the Caucasus, which, according to the Russian side, was a compromise.

15 June 2009 | integrity, resolution, safety board. un

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Russia vetoed the renewal of the mandate of the UN mission in the Caucasus

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