SPIEGEL: Unpublished documents of the International Mission to Investigate the circumstances of the conflict in the Caucasus, contain evidence of guilt in the first Georgian President Saakashvili

The documents, which are on the table, the Geneva offices of the Commissioner, Heidi Tagliavini, responds Russian, Georgian and South Ossetia and Abkhaz sides on the questions raised by the Commission. Here, there are expert opinion, assessment of diplomats, military personnel, as well as statements of victims of armed conflict among civilians.
In late July, says the author Uwe Klussmann, Heidi Tagliavini, gained the reputation of a particularly tricky diplomatic issues, will need to present the findings of its Commission of the Council of Ministers of the European Union. Among them should be clear that it was in August 2008, suddenly brought long-simmering regional conflict over South Ossetia to self-open military confrontation with Russia. Who is responsible for the most serious confrontation between East and West since the Cold War?
From the findings, which make the commission, headed by Tagliavini, depends a lot, said publication. For example, if the people of Georgia a serious candidate for membership in NATO or the country manages adventurer? On the basis of expert evaluations to see what the Kremlin intended purpose: whether it seeks to defend the independence of South Ossetia from Georgian aggression or launched global crisis, albeit briefly occupied Georgian territory?
Either way, the correspondent writes further, but the underlying documents to refute the version Tagliavini President Saakashvili that his country had become innocent victims of "Russian aggression".
One of the members of the committee - senior researcher at the International Institute for Strategic Studies Christopher Lengton - well summed up the military debacle in Tbilisi: Georgian dream broke, and the country should blame only themselves. "
His colleague, Brussels politologist Bruno Coppieters asked Saakashvili about the support from the West.
But the Berlin publicist Jörg Himmelrayh, by contrast, continues to advocate for the membership of Georgia into NATO and the reasoning for "the occupation of Tskhinvali by Georgian military" pressure, which is Saakashvili: Georgian president has repeatedly promised his people the return of the rebel provinces. This writer describes the reaction of the Russian "aggression" and accuses Moscow of violating international law. He did not agree defender Otto Luhterhandt, insisted that Russia defended its peacekeepers acting under the UN Charter.
During the work on the papers, experts met at the evidence that the morning of August 7, 2008 to the border with South Ossetia by Saakashvili, the order came up 12 thousand military and 75 tanks. In addition, continues the author, remarks the President of Georgia leaves no doubt that he was preparing to address the issue of restoring the country's territorial integrity through military means. This is evidenced by, and reports of the then Ambassador of Germany to Georgia Uwe Schramm.
Members of the committee, said Klussmann, agree that both sides - Georgian and Russian - have violated the Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of hostilities. Both armies used the cluster bombs, which have a special lethal force.
In addition, the Commission came under sharp criticism and the numerous attacks South Ossetia militia on the civilian population of Georgia.
As noted in the conclusion of the author, the conclusions of an international commission would not answer the question: what role the U.S. played in the Russian-Georgian conflict? The administration of George Bush for many years has provided military assistance to Tbilisi, he recalls.

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