NATO: In Azerbaijan more likely to join than those of Georgia and Ukraine

In Azerbaijan a better chance of joining NATO in the near future than in Georgia and Ukraine, writes EurasiaNet with reference to a source in the Joint Forces Command North Atlantic Alliance. According to him, if earlier in Brussels thought that the first in Georgia to enter NATO, but it followed Azerbaijan, today the situation has changed, and perhaps next year, the most likely first candidate for membership will be Azerbaijan. Baku may join NATO before Ukraine and Georgia, said the source. After the Russo-Georgian war of 2008, many countries - NATO member states believe that it is simply impossible to provide the membership of Georgia and the internal divisions in Ukraine over NATO and the political instability and reduced its chances, says a source. «Azerbaijan is a bulwark of stability. Among the other big advantages - strong cultural ties with NATO member Turkey, as well as its strategic importance for the planned gas pipeline Nabucco and Turkey-Greece-Italy projects, to «strengthen the support of western Azerbaijan in the coming years», notes EurasiaNet. If Azerbaijan decides to apply for participation in NATO, it will not stop anybody. And if NATO decides to accept Azerbaijan, Russia is unlikely to be able to prevent this.

8 June 2009 | believing, chance, entry, nato, solve, source, year

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