Georgian media have reported the mass desertion in the army

Up to 70 contractors left the location of the 5 th Brigade in the area Shavnabada in Tbilisi, said on Saturday Georgian newspaper «Resonance», transmits the correspondent of the newspaper in Tbilisi VIEW.
The publication claims that 22 of them have already been arrested by the authorities.
MoD did not confirm this information.
Georgian experts and the opposition say the plight of the army after the defeat in the August war with Russia.

30 May 2009 | army, bulk, desertion, media, reported

Georgia is preparing terrorist attacks during the parliamentary election in South Ossetia - Statement by Belarus KGB
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• Georgia quietly lost 20 kilometers: the Georgian border guards left their post, they blew up the bridge Chanchahi, a territory under the control of Russia »»»
«Quiet lost 20 kilometers» - with the headline published in the leading Georgian daily newspaper «Resonance».
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Ex-Speaker of Parliament, the leader of the opposition "Democratic Movement" One Georgia "Nino Burjanadze said on Thursday that August 7th.
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Representatives of the Georgian opposition on Wednesday glued to the fence of the residence of the President of the Republic in Tbilisi Avlabar area where the protest.
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The British newspaper The Guardian on 18 August reported that the authorities of South Ossetia hold hostage in Tskhinvali at least 130 Georgian citizens.
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Georgia has begun to prepare for war with Russia. This reflects the fact that the Chief of Joint Staff of Georgian Armed Forces.