In Moscow today, will be Russian-Georgian "Carnival of Friendship

Youth Movement "Ours" will hold in Moscow Russian-Georgian "Carnival of friendship", which is expected to be attended by about 300 people.
The event aims to unite representatives of the peoples of both countries.
"Politicians make mistakes - and we must work together to correct them. Georgians and Russian are not the enemies of our peoples seals long warm relations, which will not be able to influence any political intrigues" - quoting the press service of the word leader, "our" Nikita Borovikov.
More than 150 activists and some 150 representatives of the Georgian diaspora and to the people of Georgia will meet in Novopushkinskom park. They will perform folk songs, dances, national costumes demonstrate. The participants also intend to sew a symbolic blanket of Peace. " It intended to organizers, will become "a symbol of friendship of our peoples, which is impossible to break, despite the policies of Georgian authorities."
Movement "Nashi" stands for "restart" the Russian-Georgian relations and return to constructive dialogue, friendship and mutual support of Georgians and Russians.

27 May 2009 | georgia, russia

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• Russia wants to restore the partnership with the constructive forces of Georgia »»»
Russia intends to re-establish partnership with all constructive political forces of Georgia.
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Authority of the North Atlantic Alliance announced in May, in the conduct of Georgian military exercises “Cooperative Longbow 09/Cooperative Lancer 09.
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At the center of Tbilisi on an area of Costa Rica on Sunday afternoon took place thousands rally in support of opposition candidate Levan Gachechiladze, transfer agency Novosti-Georgia.
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Georgian opposition has found a new way to draw attention to the protest at the residence of President Mikhail Saakashvili.
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Relations between Russia and Georgia, and Ukraine will be restored on a new basis, taking into account the realities prevailing in the recent past.