The opposition holds the action "of the corridor" near the Georgia Public Television

At the central entrance to the building of the Public TV of Georgia / OTVG / opposition holds with 09:00 TB / ICN / share "of the corridor." This corridor activists erected a two outstretched to the entrance to the building on the ropes and improvised passage in OTVG are employees. The participants said that their goal - "an expression of protest against the information policy OTVG" which, they say, "biased coverage of opposition campaigns.
Located at OTVG leader of the "New Right", one of the leaders politobedineniya Alliance for Georgia "David Gamkrelidze / former presidential candidate for elections January 5, 2008 / told reporters that in the coming hours will resume traffic on the motorway before OTVG. This happens after the decision of the Alliance of Georgia, "the members of opposition parties razberut installed on motorway tents and cell-camera." Gamkrelidze said that "the overlap of traffic on this road to create more problems of the people than the authorities." Opposition claim that the "opening of traffic on the road in front of OTVG become a gesture of goodwill on their part in order to normalize the situation."
Movement on the road in front of OTVG was discontinued from 14 April, following the establishment where the opposition tent and cell-cell "- symbol of struggle for the resignation of Saakashvili.

14 May 2009 | action, corridor of, opoozitsiya

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