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Without our knowledge (as always) to 6 May, NATO conducts military exercises jointly with the Georgian army. Nineteen of the Atlantic alliance and even outside it will participate in these exercises with the regime - regime of Saakashvili - against whom it is in these days are standing opposition protests (1). Using unreliable voynushki after that he started a lost and - with the Israeli weapons and training - to back the separatist regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Military exercises will be held in Georgia and will continue until the first of June, foreign troops be placed on the base in Vaziani, twenty kilometers from Tbilisi. Most real provocation against Moscow.
"Implementation of the exercises is not conducive to the resumption of cooperation between the Alliance and Moscow, but on the contrary, aggravate the risk of them" - said Dmitry Medvedev, who demanded that the exercises in Georgia and at the same time announced the lifting of the meeting of NATO-Russia Council, which is scheduled for May 7.
And "the cancellation of the meeting may not be the only measure," - writes journalist Ksenia Pronin (Ksena Pronin): "The transit of military supplies into Afghanistan and a joint action at both the political and military level, is also in jeopardy."
Recall that Moscow allowed transit through their territories supplies for NATO troops in Afghanistan (among them, and our Italian soldiers), and now the service is paid for a provocation, but the transit is in danger, because Washington continues to steadfastly maintain the regime, even hated by the Georgians.
From the former Indian Ambassador Bhadrakumara (Bhadrakumar) (2) know that France and Germany rejected the invitation to participate in the maneuvers to avoid annoying the Russians. From Ksenia Pronin know that sensible Kazakhstan, Latvia and Estonia also rejected participation in the exercises on the Georgian territory.
But know that Italy would participate in them. "It is not" part, stresses Pronin, given that Italy is "ENI - the company - a leader in the energy sector in the same-Caspian-Caucasian region (see Kashagan), a partner of Russia and Kazakhstan, it almost simulates exercise" war against itself, as in the tragic times ARMIR (Italian Army in Russia, the troops sent by Mussolini in Russia, the fees have already started July 10, 1941 - ca. now.) And then - in a particularly British interests. "
Easy to catch the implied threat. Thanking Frattini and La Russa (respectively, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense - approx. To.), If because of their lakeystva toward Israel, we lose the oil contracts and a privileged partnership with the country, affecting a quarter of our energy supply.
Idiotic act to the detriment of self-interest of the military involvement at the request of Washington (the only one who has an interest in protecting the regime of Saakashvili) confirmed one fact: the European Union is preparing to declare that it was Georgia, not Moscow, voynushku beginning in August of last year. Saakashvili has always maintained that he merely defended from invasion by Russian tanks.
Now "Der Spiegel" (3) reports that in the hands of a special commission to investigate the EU has a "secret document" which "confirms that the Georgian President had planned the attack in South Ossetia." This is the "Order number 2 of 7 August 2008, which does not say that Georgian troops are protected from aggression, and that they were moving to" restore constitutional order ", that is, to take back Ossetia.
The EU has compared the document in his hands with an interview given on 7 August, Georgian television, General Mamuka Kurashvili: the so-called general use then it is the word "restore constitutional order". On that day he saved on the border with South Ossetia 75 tanks and 12 thousand people trained U.S. military advisers and Israel. August 8, President Saakashvili declared that "most of the liberated territory of South Ossetia." Only August 11, changed his version and announced that Georgia had acted "in self-defense." Then Russian troops dare funny Israeli-Georgian Army, and 30 kilometers is not reached Tbilisi.
And it is Russian, whose troops, as it is shown only on 8 August (after the Georgian attack) passed through the Roksky tunnel that connects South Ossetia with North (the territory of Russia) and the EU Commission document entitled "Order number 2: Colonel-General Anatoly Nogovitsyn, deputy chief of the Air Force, passed it and the European Commission said the armed forces of Russia intercepted this "order", which contains the phrase "restore constitutional order".
The significant fact: Saakashvili, who has asked the EU to show the original order number 2, did not deny its existence, but refused to provide it, citing the fact that this is a state secret. His Minister Temur Yakobashvili, a citizen of Israel, presented countercharge EU that the European investigation …. financed by Gazprom, the real hutspa (audacity - approx. To.) By the son of Jacob, which outraged the members of the commission, the Swiss diplomat Heidi Tagliavini (Heidi Tagliavini) and former Ambassador of Germany to Georgia Uwe Schramm (Uwe Schramm), as well as former Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer (Joshcka Fischer), the consultant committee.
Maneuvering the NATO-Georgia is part of most other concerted American maneuvers, intrigues and machinations in order to isolate Russia, using its economic crisis because of falling oil prices. There are major operations under the rustle of banknotes in order to isolate Russia from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, with offers of payment of energy in these countries more than it makes Moscow, only that they not only went to the Russian oil and gas pipelines.
Belief (U.S.), dictator of Uzbekistan did not participate in two important meetings in Moscow's sphere of influence: the meeting of Foreign Ministers OKDB (the Collective Security Treaty Organization) in Yerevan, Armenia, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Conference on Afghanistan held in Moscow a month ago.
To keep these countries of Caspian Sea oil, Gazprom proposed to the European prices for their energy. Today, given the fall in oil prices and the demand for oil and gas from Europe because of the recession, Russian colossus could not afford such prices, and even no need in the quantities of oil and gas, as well as exports less. This difficulty the administration took advantage of Obama to split the zone of influence of Russia.
Obama even designated a "Envoy for Eurasian Energy" (sic) Richard Morningstara (Richard Morningstar), an energetic diplomat (active during the time of Bill Clinton): a person who has managed to implement a project of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline in order to hold the Caspian oil to Europe (Ceyhan in Turkey), excluding Russia. What does it mean to breathe life into the "Nabucco" gas pipeline project difficulties length 3300 km, which is to hold a Caspian gas to Austria via Turkey and the Balkans.
Morningstar even said that he was "open" to discuss the possibility that the gas entered the Caspian Sea to Europe (hold!) Through Iran - a state that Israel has not ceased to threaten ispepeleniem, and that Obama continued to make advances verbally. And in this case also with the aim to isolate Russia from its markets in Europe (4).
It is obvious that the Georgian military exercises are part of a broader plan that both the anti-Russian and anti-European. It can recognize the hand of Zbigniew Brzezinski, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a former professor of Obama at the University of Colombia, and now the strategy of its National Security Council.
Brzezinski hostile refers to Israel as an obstacle to the imperial interests of the United States, and at the same time he was obsessed with the project (which is itself made) the isolation of Moscow and the transformation of Russia in the Asian Power average, to cut off all its ties with Western Europe. It is important that the Council for National Security Obama - that General Jones (Jones), former Supreme Commander of NATO forces.
According to the Maysan (5), Brzezinski strategy begins with a finding that the financial collapse of the U.S. - a crisis of imperial strategy, and, contrary to what happened in 1939 (when the war became a way out of the depression of 1929), now the war - the problem: too vlyapalis in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Therefore, the line of validity to be threefold: first, to make capital flows return to the United States, destabilizing the developed country competitors, ie, European (it seems, "the fight against tax heavens", adopted at the G-20, is part of the plan); maintain the illusion of American military power, continuing its occupation of Afghanistan, and try to resist the most insolent demands of Israel to focus on the Central theater of war: that is, to dismember the nascent polusoyuz Russia-Iran-Syria, and, above all, the lackadaisical Sino-Russian alliance SCO. And all this with the help of clandestine activities and covert pressure to give the Pentagon time to reorganize.
Therefore, Obama - a mere salesman of imperial policy of attempting to survive in this economy.
According to Maysan, this strategy will not work because of the broad U.S. economic crisis. " In the end, the United States would limit itself to retaining the status quo and the obstruction to the new international players were able to take their place hegemon. In the meantime, the military exercises in Georgia served to include an army of small states in NATO, and Italy participated in the strategy against its own national interests.

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