The ex-commander of the Georgian Guard is charged with rebellion

The former commander of the National Guard of Georgia, Major-General Kobe Kobaladze charged under article 315 of the Criminal Code of Georgia ( "Conspiracy or mutiny in order to forcibly overthrow the constitutional order of Georgia"), told reporters, counsel for the accused Gela Nikolaishvili.
"The prosecution has brought to my client only on the testimony of a detainee Major Scientology Gvaladze, who said that Kobaladze attended the meeting, which was planned conspiracy," - said on Thursday aired Nikolaishvili Georgian TV company "Rustavi-2", sends agency Novosti-Georgia. "
Kobaladze was arrested May 5 in the case of the rebellion in the armored brigade.
The soldiers of the Armored, based in the locality Muhrovani 20 kilometers from Tbilisi, the authorities announced the rebellion on Tuesday morning. Negotiations with rebel troops took over four hours, after which members of the crew laid down their arms. In talks with the military took part, President Mikhail Saakashvili.
Among those detained on suspicion of preparing a coup in the former high-ranking military - commander of squad spetsnaznacheniya Delta in 90 years Gvaladze Gia and former National Guard commander Maj. Gen. Koba Kobaladze.
Counsel Nikolaishvili on Wednesday told reporters that Georgian authorities have previously Kobaladze forced to leave the country. According to him, during the month to Kobaladze treated with the requirement to leave Georgia as he was standing in the army, as well as for the authorities, according to counsel, all authority is dangerous.
Kobaladze married, father of 4 children. Vakhtang Gorgasali awarded all three degrees, the golden sign "For Service to the Fatherland" as well as a medal for military merit "and" courage. " During the battles for the territorial integrity of the country received three battle wounds.
Commander of the National Guard of Georgia, General Koba Kobaladze resigned in February 2004. At that time the National Guard to serve about 7 thousand troops.
Kobaladze is one of the founders of the NGO "Club of the generals and officers of the Armed Forces of Georgia." According to him, the club was created to harness the potential of professional soldiers and officers, who was educated in Europe, Russia, the United States and Ukraine, have been out of work.
Earlier Club Kobaladze has already been mentioned in connection with the preparation gosperevorota.
On the night of 23 to 24 March this year in Georgia were detained by representatives of the Popular Movement for the salvation of Georgia, "Malkhaz Gvelukashvili and Lasha Chkhenkeli. Then the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that they were accused of preparing terrorist acts and conspiracy, and the planned participation of the representatives of the "Club of the generals."

7 May 2009 | kobaladze, prosecution, rebellion

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