Georgia permanently withdrew from the CIS - Saakashvili

Now it is a natural partner of the EU, said Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili in an interview with radio station Ekho Moskvy, "explaining the participation of Georgia in the EU" Eastern Partnership ". Constitutive summit program was completed on 7 May in Prague. The program is aimed at EU rapprochement with Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine. Program provides for the allocation of "Six" in 2013 to 600 million euros, which are intended to strengthen state institutions, control of borders and providing assistance to small businesses.
According to Saakashvili, who attended the summit in Prague, the participation in the program gives Georgia a free trade agreement with all EU countries, facilitating the visa regime. " Saakashvili added that in addition to the territory of Georgia "will be implemented by all the infrastructure projects the European Union."
"Already we are building roads and other infrastructure projects, some for money in Europe and the United States several billion dollars", - said the Georgian president.
At the same time, he noted that Georgia still maintains bilateral relations with CIS countries. In his view, now all members of the CIS have a desire to communicate with Georgia, except for Russia. " "Maybe in the future, and this change for the better", - Saakashvili suggested.
Referring to the need for Georgia to develop its state model and the approximation of the state of Europe, Saakashvili said that his country carried out a great breakthrough in the issue of democratization. This, according to the president, it shows how tolerant the government refers to the current opposition rallies, even when protesters blocked the Rustaveli Avenue.
Replying to a question about a "Russian trace" in the preparation of a military rebellion in Georgia, Saakashvili said: "We never said that specifically, and I have never said specifically that there is accurate information as (illegible). We have clear video where they say they are counting on Russia's help, this is so. The officers were in touch with those officers, who previously operated in Georgia, but they have long departed from Georgia, and these officers do not serve a long time. So the connection before were, of course, were. But in Georgia has changed a whole generation at all levels of bureaucracy, including the military, a small army … That is why the special relationship with the present can not be at this stage. "

11 May 2009 | east partnership, ekho moskvy, european union, mikhail saakashvili, prague

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