Saakashvili claims that "Russian wants a new war"

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili made an unprecedented statement. In an interview with Spanish newspaper Corriere della Sera, he said that the Russian wants a new war. According to the Georgian leader, wants to get rid of Russian Georgia. Russian had previously crossed the line and taught the Georgians take them seriously, said Saakashvili. "Putin has publicly said about it: NATO must forget us" - he said.
In an interview with journalist edition Saakashvili admitted that made mistakes, for example, are too sharply changed direction Police and the Ministries writes But without swift and radical action, he said, it would be impossible to release the energy of the country irreversibly changed by now.
Georgian president said that there is still solve many problems, including those to strengthen the democratic consciousness and improve the living conditions of the population, creating the infrastructure, building roads, houses, and developing the culture, creativity - all that is necessary for the awakening of the nation.
Speaking about the coup d'état, taken two weeks ago, Saakashvili said that there is evidence of the desire to bribe the military leadership. The fact that Georgia is an occupied country, evidenced by the militarization of the Russian side of the provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
"They are expanding the base, sending soldiers in violation of international treaties. Thousands of Georgians were expelled from Abkhazia and Ossetia have the same people, and how many soldiers. They want to impose on us the siege mentality and erect a new Berlin Wall, which separate us from the Sukhumi and Tskhinvali . How come Europe, closes his eyes, as in his time at the Sudetenland? Fortunately, I do not see any new Chemberlenov. We all understand that there are inviolable principles ", - said Saakashvili.
In his view, now Georgia is in need of urgent admission to the EU and must begin with the revision of the visa regime. "NATO has promised to take us into their ranks, but we have received from the gate exit. Sooner or later, the alliance will understand that it is not necessary for us to keep the gate", - said Saakashvili.

19 May 2009 | mishiko, new war, russian, want

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