Leonid Radzihovsky: Caucasian chalk circle

Gamsakhurdia was dropped Shevardnadze, Saakashvili, Shevardnadze was dropped, and if Saakashvili would have dropped by someone, motion vector of Georgia will not change. But in one respect to the fall of Saakashvili, it would be disadvantageous for Russia.

18 May 2009 | cis, georgia, russia, saakashvili

Georgia intends to deploy an international police force in Abkhazia and South Ossetia
The report of UN Secretary-General made no mention of the affiliation of Abkhazia to Georgia

• Eduard Shevardnadze: Putin instructed the reconciliation with Georgia Primakov »»»
Former Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze said in an interview with “Time of news” about the prospects for improving Russian-Georgian relations.
• Shevardnadze knows the name of the next President of Georgia »»»
Former Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze knows who wins the upcoming January 5 presidential election, but refuses to name to journalists the name of the candidate.
• Georgia arrested the son of the first president »»»
Representatives of law enforcement bodies of Georgia yesterday evening arrested son of first Georgian president Zviad Gamsakhurdia - Tsotne Gamsakhurdia.
• Eduard Shevardnadze: Georgia needs to establish "good neighborliness and partnership with Russia" »»»
Former Soviet Foreign Minister and ex-Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze told journalists urged the leadership of Georgia to establish “good-neighborly and partnership relations with Russia.
• George W. Bush - Russia could become an international leader! »»»
U.S. President George W. Bush said: if Russia refuses to Abkhazia and South Ossetia to Georgia, she will become the international leader    …    To earn the respect of the international community, Russia must demonstrate respect for the sovereignty and territory of its neighbors.