During the presidency of Georgia will fight St. Petersburg businessman

Russian businessman from St. Petersburg, Alexander Ebralidze told an international conference for people of Georgia, which was held in Sochi, a willingness to join the fight for the post of President of Georgia. Ebralidze Alexander is a member of the Board of Directors of CJSC JSCB "Constance Bank Ltd. and the owner of" Talio Printseps. He founded the Russian historical and literary award "Alexander Nevsky", the president of the World Congress of Peoples of Georgia "(VKNG). Ebralidze initiated and sponsored the design of the center of St. Petersburg monument Bagrationi. Businessman ready to take the Georgian citizenship, move to Georgia and take up politics, to publish a newspaper, open a radio and television.
Media dubbed the new candidates' favorite for the Kremlin. " The conference Ebralaidze suggested "create a platform for the nomination of a candidate for president of Georgia" and also the party that has expressed the concerns of Georgians living in Russia and participated in the elections.
According to the businessman, the withdrawal of Georgia from the political crisis is the total neutral state and establish good neighborly relations with Russia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia. In addition, Georgia must be a "new public management model of Georgia."
In late May and early June of this year, Alexander Ebralidze going to open a branch of the World Congress of Peoples of Georgia "in Tbilisi and to request the blessing of the Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II-st.

17 May 2009 | alexander ebralidze, election, georgia

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