Russia remove mention of the Georgian passports Abkhazs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia will issue new passports with Russian citizenship residents of Abkhazia to replace the old, in which the 'place of birth "is the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic and Georgia. This was circulated to the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia message, which is confirmed in the Russian Foreign Office.
"The citizens of Abkhazia, whose Complete Russian Federation approved similar language, have the opportunity to appeal to the diplomatic missions or consular offices in Russia motivated statements about the need to replace the previously issued passports as a result of new passports will provide the Russian Federation with the amended language" — indicated in the message, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia.
Now in the "place of birth will be inscribed" Abkhazia. " In the department of information and print the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told RIA Novosti that the agreement with the government of Abkhazia, there are the passport to be replaced in the presence of motivated statements.

13 May 2009 | citizenship, georgia, issue, ministry of foreign affairs, passport

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