South Ossetia will hold a victory parade

The authorities of South Ossetia will hold a victory parade in honor of 64 th anniversary of the end of World War II. The leadership of the Republic is also going to congratulate the veterans and to arrange for a special reception.
"Activities on the Great Victory, will begin prior to May 9. In the Republic, to date, 184 veterans of the Great Patriotic War, all of them to see our volunteers - so students and high school - with greetings from the Head of State and myself, with gifts," - cites " Interfax, "the words of State Adviser to the President of South Ossetia Jeanne Zasseevoy.
According to the information held in the Victory Day military parade Tskhinvali garrison. After completion of military parades will begin a concert program dedicated to the older generation. Handbook of South Ossetia also intends to organize a reception for veterans of Great Patriotic War.
Note that in 2009, not all former Soviet republics agreed to hold the victory parade. So, the Tajik military is not able to march on the main square of the capital. "For several reasons this year's Parade of Victory will be replaced by laying wreaths to the Eternal Flame and meetings with veterans," - said the press secretary of the Ministry of Defense Faridun Makhmadaliev. According to unofficial information, the military parade was canceled because of the financial crisis that forced the government to cut many items of expenditure.
However, even in a difficult economic situation, Moscow is going to scale to observe the Day of Victory. How to write Dni.Ru, the capital of Russia in the parade will be attended by about nine thousand people - one and a half times more than in 2008. By Red Square proedut 110 pieces of equipment, including operational and tactical rocket complex Iskander-5 and the system of air defense S-400. And in the sky above the Kremlin will be about 70 aircraft and helicopters.

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