Saakashvili's regime has imposed emergency in all parts of the country, military

Because of the attempts of military coup in Georgia, President Mikhail Saakashvili announced the introduction of the state of emergency in all parts of the country, military, RIA «News». Saakashvili said that the rebellion was an attempt to disrupt the military exercises of NATO and assured citizens that the situation in Georgia is already under control.

5 May 2009 | georgia, saakashvili

When asked to comment on Saakashvili's statement, the Kremlin responded succinctly: "To the doctor."
South Ossetia will hold a victory parade

• Georgia withdrew from the charges of rebellion in Russia »»»
Georgia withdrew its earlier statement that a rebellion of military personnel based Muhrovani involves Russia, writes The Times, citing a source close to the President of Georgia.
• Three countries have refused to NATO exercises »»»
Kazakhstan, Estonia and Latvia refused to participate in NATO exercises in Georgia on 6 May to 1 June.
• Panzer battalion of the armed forces of the Georgian authorities announced the rebellion »»»
Panzer battalion of the Georgian Armed Forces stationed in the locality Muhrovani, Tuesday, May 5, the authorities announced disobedience.
• In Georgia, the organizers of the rebellion were sentenced to prison »»»
Today in Georgia ended a court case of attempted mutiny at the military base Muhrovani.
• Russia has put forward an ultimatum to NATO »»»
If Tbilisi did receive the desired Plan of Action for membership in NATO, Moscow will close even those few programs of cooperation with the alliance, which operated until now.