Kokoity is ready for dialogue with Georgia

The President of the republic of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity that it is feasible to develop good-neighborly relations with Georgia.
"We did not talk politics with people of Georgia. We will always remember the genocide South Ossetians. Nevertheless, we should strive to establish good neighborly relations," - said on Friday at a press conference in Tskhinvali E. Kokoity, commenting on the political situation in Georgia, said "Interfax".
"If the power in Georgia will be adequate, the authority of the Republic of South Ossetia are ready to conduct peaceful dialogue with the new authorities of Georgia," - E. Kokoity added.
He noted that Georgia is in deep political crisis. "In Tbilisi are mass rallies for the resignation of the international criminal Mikhail Saakashvili. His conscience victims of Georgian aggression. In South Ossetia and North Ossetia, the people concerned about in the last two days of protests in Georgia," - he said.
According to E. Kokoity, the Georgian authorities are trying to interpret the protests in his own way, say "supposedly the beginning of Russia of any action against Georgia." "Nothing that is not. The situation is absolutely normal and calm. It is the desire of certain structures to destabilize the situation in South Ossetia", - said E. Kokoity.

10 April 2009 | dialogue, georgia, kakoyty, ossetia

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