Georgian diaspora in the United States called for the resignation of Saakashvili

«Take the only right thing to do» to resign and called on Mikhail Saakashvili, a prominent representative of the Georgian diaspora in the United States, the chief editor of the international television channel RTVi George Tsihiseli.
«After the« Rose Revolution »you were to change, and change is not for the better, - says in an open letter to President of Georgia. - You promised to fight corruption. However, bribes, which now must be given to, for example, open their own business - increased many times over. You proclaimed commitment to freedom of speech. But in fact you even more brutally suppressed this basic right of modern society ».

10 April 2009 | georgia, resignation, saakashvili, usa

The suppression of a rally in Tbilisi on 9 April 1989. Help
Kokoity is ready for dialogue with Georgia

• Chichvarkin apologized to Georgia for the shop "Euroset" in Tskhinvali would like to Putin »»»
Founder of “Euroset” Chichvarkin apologized to Georgia for the store opening of Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia, whose independence was recognized by Russia after the 2008 war.
• Saakashvili begins the "Rose Revolution - 2" »»»
Speaking in New York at the 63rd session of the UN General Assembly, Mishiko said that in Georgia comes the second part of the famous blockbuster «Rose Revolution - 2»: The Georgian government expects a large-scale revision, which - get rid of the invasion of representatives of Russia.
• Russia supported the business Mikhail Saakashvili »»»
Russia business as opposed to officials pleased with the political regime in Georgia.
• In Georgia, stopped broadcasting television broadcast "Ekho Moskvy" »»»
The Union of Georgian cable television temporarily stopped broadcasting on the territory of Georgia, the Russian TV channel RTVI, broadcast radio program “Echo of Moscow, told RIA Novosti on the phone editor in chief of Radio Alexei Venediktov.
• Index of Economic Freedom IEF (The Heritage Foundation): Russia - 143 position, Georgia - 26 position of 183 »»»
The Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal announced the next annual Index of Economic Freedom (Index of Economic Freedom - IEF).