The suppression of a rally in Tbilisi on 9 April 1989. Help

9 April 1989 was the rigid suppression of a rally in Tbilisi by the Soviet Army.
In late March - early April 1989 in Georgia was a serious aggravation of the political situation in connection with the events in Abkhazia, declared withdrawal from Georgia. This was the direct cause for the days of informal organizations unauthorized rally in front of Government House in Tbilisi.16 participants in the rally died on the spot and three died in hospital shortly. How do I set up the forensic medical commission, caused the death of all but one of the dead was asphyxia due to excessive pressure in the chest in the crowd.

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Georgia detained the ship with 14 Russian sailors
Georgian diaspora in the United States called for the resignation of Saakashvili

• U.S. Senate adopted a resolution in support of Georgia »»»
U.S. Senate unanimously approved a resolution that condemns the recent actions of Russia in regard to the unrecognized republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
• Georgia prepares for war with Russia »»»
Georgia has begun to prepare for war with Russia. This reflects the fact that the Chief of Joint Staff of Georgian Armed Forces.
• After watching the story "Imedi" on "Russia's invasion, two people died »»»
A citizen of Georgia, died as a result of stroke, obtained after watching the story “about Russia’s invasion, which Imedi television channel, aired the evening of 13 March 2010.
• Berezovsky arriving in Tbilisi on Patarkatsishvili funeral »»»
Disgraced Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky is planning priletet in Tbilisi for the funeral of Georgian businessman Badri Patarkatsishvili.
• The rally in Tbilisi: Opposition calls for early elections »»»
At the center of Tbilisi on Rustaveli Avenue in front of the Parliament of Georgia today runs an action organized by the opposition unparliamentary.