Georgia detained the ship with 14 Russian sailors

Georgian Coast Guard detained a Russian ship "B. Assumption with 14 crew members on board, said on Tuesday the State Emergency and Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Service of the Russian Federation (Gosmorspassluzhba). On the reasons for the detention has not yet been reported. According to preliminary data, the ship was detained for violation of the navigation.
Information about the detention of the vessel was received prior to 22:07, said publication.
On board the ship landed landing of the 13 men armed with assault rifles. Was searched, which resulted in the ship's papers were confiscated passports and the Russian sailors.
"April 7 at 00:15 Custom group left the vessel, taking the whole ship's documentation," - says the publication. After that the vessel was escorted to raid the port of Batumi to ascertain the circumstances. According to the publication, on board the ship are four representatives of the Georgian Coast Guard.
Ship B. Uspenskiy "followed by the port Hopo (Turkey) to the port of Azov in the ballast. The vessel belongs to the operator "Volga-Don Shipping" (Rostov-on-Don), the displacement of 5 thousand 379 tons.
The ship was flying the flag of Cambodia, the home port - Phnom Penh.

7 April 2009 | coast guard, georgia, motor, russian sailors

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