Ukraine and Georgia once again, like a year ago, promised to take into NATO

Participants of the anniversary of the NATO summit, which ended yesterday in Strasbourg, repeated the promise in the future to take Ukraine and Georgia into the alliance.
This promise was given at last year's NATO summit in Bucharest, and the Alliance reaffirmed its decision ", said the final declaration of the summit. However, the specific timing of the accession of Kiev and Tbilisi was not the speech again.
In the summit declaration merely states that the alliance will continue to support reforms in these countries needed to provide the Action Plan for NATO membership.
In another document adopted at the summit - the so-called Declaration on Security - that "the door to NATO is open to all democratic European countries that share the values of the alliance." Which countries will soon become members of NATO, the document does not specify.
Currently, the alliance wants to join, in addition to Georgia and Ukraine, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and several other states.

4 April 2009 | georgia, nato, ukraine

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