Drunk Georgian consul arranged debauch in Vilnius Casinos

Police Commissioner Lithuanian capital brought to the department honored guest - the consul of Georgia. Being drunk Consul started a brawl at a casino on the street Pamyankalne.
According to a source in the police station, arrested for drunk Irakliy Asashvili first started a brawl.
Located about two hours of the night in the hall of the gambling establishments and exchanged a few crude remarks to one of the visitors to the casino, hit the man a bottle to the head, thereby inflicting serious injury.
Protection of the casino immediately apprehended the offending comment. Rowdy to the station, where he showed police a diplomatic card, which means that Irakliy Asashvili a Georgian consul.
Diplomat immediately released, but the same night in the police asked the victim received serious injuries.
At present the circumstances of the incident being investigated. Name of affected citizens Lithuanian police have not yet been called, limited initials.

31 March 2009 | casino, georgia, lithuania

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