60 years of police force of global proportions

April 4 marks the 60 anniversary of the establishment of the North Atlantic Alliance. Grandiose ceremony on this occasion are planned in France and Germany. Despite such a solid military alliance for the ages, NATO is still not bad. Moreover, the general euphoria over the victory in the presidential elections in the United States popular in Europe, Barack Obama has resulted in the following several years of cooling in the Euro-Atlantic relations the majority of European leaders to re-look lustfully at the United States, and French President Nicolas Sarkozy has recently adopted decision to return his country's military structure of the alliance.

25 March 2009 | georgia, nato, russia, ukraine, war

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• NATO found a compromise formula for Ukraine »»»
Today in Brussels, the Foreign Ministers of NATO member countries will discuss further steps to resolve disputes over the entry in the Alliance Ukraine and Georgia.
• France: Ukraine and Georgia in NATO not be allowed without consultation with Russia »»»
The entry into NATO of Georgia and Ukraine is impossible without prior consultations with Russia.
• Military diplomats: if Georgia and Ukraine join NATO, Russia will withdraw from the CFE Treaty »»»
A senior military-diplomatic source in Moscow said that Russia will withdraw from the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) in the case of Ukraine and Georgia into NATO.
• Russia and France have agreed on principles for resolving the conflict in Georgia »»»
Russia and France have agreed on six principles for a settlement of Georgian-Ossetian crisis.
• Russia has put forward an ultimatum to NATO »»»
If Tbilisi did receive the desired Plan of Action for membership in NATO, Moscow will close even those few programs of cooperation with the alliance, which operated until now.