Georgia has asked Japan to call her "Georgia"

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan announced that the Georgian authorities have officially appealed to the Tokyo with a request to change the name of this country in the Japanese language from the current «Grudzia» in English «Georgia».
«The request was made by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Georgia Grigol Vashadze during talks in Tokyo on March 10,», - told the press service of the Japanese Foreign Ministry. According to sources, the head of the Georgian Foreign Ministry during talks with his Japanese counterpart Hirofumi Nakasone referred to the fact that the word «Georgia» taken from the Russian language, and the current Tbilisi do not like it. At the same time Vashadze, reportedly did not ask to use the word in Japan «Sakartvelo», as the Georgians themselves call their country.
The representative of the Georgian embassy in Tokyo confirmed that requests to the Japanese authorities on the use of the name «Georgia». According to him, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan sees no change in the special problems and are now considering the matter.
In the Japanese ministry said that with the change of names has not solved anything. «We just think about how to respond to a request», - said the representative of MFA, with the usual using the word «Grudzia»

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