France: Ukraine and Georgia in NATO not be allowed without consultation with Russia

The entry into NATO of Georgia and Ukraine is impossible without prior consultations with Russia. This statement was made today by the Minister of Defense of France Hervé Moreno, speaking before the National Assembly on the country, transmits Associated Press.
"We believe that NATO should focus on its primary objective - the achievement of overall stability, and does not anticipate expanding the organization to the extent of the" global NATO ", - added E. Moreno.
A few days ago the President of Poland Lech Kaczynski at the meeting with the ambassadors of foreign countries said that Ukraine and Georgia as soon as possible to include in the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO). "The inclusion of Ukraine and Georgia into NATO is not only a guarantee of security for these countries. This will also guarantee security for the European Union (EU) and the entire Euro-Atlantic community" - said the Polish leader.
"NATO enlargement should affect also the Balkans, but for the Poles to block the entry of Ukraine and Georgia primary," - added L. Kaczynski.
At a meeting held today, the French National Assembly resolved the question of the return of the country's military structure of NATO, from which France withdrew in 1966.
NATO foreign ministers on 5 March 2009. decided on the resumption of contacts with the NATO-Russia summit. The dialogue will be resumed within the framework of the NATO-Russia Council shortly after the NATO summit, scheduled for April this year
The recent resumption of the Russia-NATO Council objected to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Vigaudas Ushatskas and called the U.S. to maintain firmness in dealing with Russia.
According to V. Ushatskasa, you have to wait with the decision to work together in Moscow and the alliance even before the NATO summit meeting in Strasbourg and Baden-Baden, to be held 3-4 April
Their point of view, the Minister argued that, in recent months has not seen any dramatic changes with regard to the territorial integrity of Georgia. "
Remember, the NATO-Russia Council (the principal forum in which the dialogue took place between Russia and NATO) was frozen in August 2008. after the military conflict over South Ossetia.

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