Obame advised not to encourage Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO

Commission to study U.S. policy toward Russia recommended that President Barack Obama did not encourage Georgia and Ukraine to join NATO, AFP reported on 16 March.
The document proposes "come to terms with the fact that neither Ukraine nor Georgia is not ready for NATO membership and the use of other opportunities for the development of partnership relations with those countries. As an alternative to NATO membership senators to see Georgia and Ukraine "a special form of cooperation" with the military alliance.
With regard to the deployment of missile defense in Eastern Europe Obame also encouraged to adopt a more prudent strategy and to take a fresh look at the deployment of antimissile systems in Poland and the Czech Republic. " According to the authors of the text, the position of Russia will change, if it will go on the construction of "a general shield against Iranian missiles, or otherwise."
In the economy Obame advised facilitate admission of Russia into the WTO and adopted urgently to repeal the 1974 Jackson-Vanik amendment, which still restricts trade relations with Russia.
In total, an independent commission headed by former senator, Democrat Gary Hart (Gary Hart) and Republican Chakom Heygelem (Shuck Hagel), invited Obame 19 policy recommendations with regard to Russia. The report was the result of the commission, which lasted for several months and culminated in a meeting in the Kremlin and Hart Heygelya with the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. The recommendations of the commission passed an adviser byly Obama's national security adviser Jim Jones and the Vice-President Joe Baydenu.

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