Georgia beat the opposition, former Ambassador to Russia

Former Ambassador of Georgia in Russia Eros Kitsmarishvili require the initiation of criminal proceedings against General Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia Irakli Kodua and his family, who beat him last weekend in the presence of dozens of holidaymakers at the ski resort Gudauri.
According to «Interfax», referring to Georgian media, immediately after the incident Kitsmarishvili appealed to the leadership of the MVD, but no response was received. Then, a former ambassador turned to the Ombudsman of Georgia Sozar Subari requesting assistance in the criminal complaint. He also informed about the incident of the diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia.
Eros Kitsmarishvili in recent months moved to the opposition, arguing that the war in South Ossetia top leadership of Georgia.

9 March 2009 | , , , georgia, opposition, south ossetia

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