[interview with a deserter] soldiers fleeing from the Russian army in Georgia

As he has repeatedly stated, the reason for desertion was a bad food (as said Glukhov, «given the same»), poor conditions of service (no bath) and the conflict, the essence of which he never managed to explain to the chief, Major Fedorov. Deserter denies possible problems with colleagues ( «I myself« grandfather »have»), as well as what he allegedly pritorgovyval drug, which wrote the Russian press.
All of this - what is infantilism: it is obvious that because of the repetitive feeding, you can escape from pionerlagerya, and not from the military. But, apparently, even the Georgian advocates seemed inappropriate to link the moral high Sergeant Glukhova mothers like to protest against the «occupation of Georgian territory by Russian forces» and the like.
When the patience of Alexander Glukhova overfilled, he resigned from his post and went to Georgia: «I thought - let poischut now». Previously, there were suggestions that he was captured by the Georgian side, when in drink lost and accidentally crossed into the territory of Georgia, but the sergeant explained «Rosbalt», that was not drunk. Georgian-Ossetian border in this area are not equipped, rather, is simply absent. Approximately five hundred meters from the administrative border Dushetskogo District of Georgia in contact with Leningorskim (Georgians call it Akhalgori) region of South Ossetia, is reinforced Georgian police post, which establishes the identity of all intending to travel further. Trying to do it Russian journalists do not have obstructed, warning however that they could not guarantee security - «there more of your face and Ossetians, shot».
According to the residents closest to the border zone of the Georgian village of Odzisi, on the outskirts of which is fast, frequent fire and the Russian helicopters, dispersive mine on the surrounding slopes ( «they do not have maps of the minefields, and they are frustrated because they pose different unit») , frighten people, especially children. Living here in the good Kakha Russian language told that the Russian soldiers and really heavy. «Bani no, and if the summer they swam in the river, but now can not wash - he explained. - From this different diseases, lice, scabies. If you call and ask for a drink, then we know already that the glass can not use more - just to catch scabies ». Feeding the military does not call a variety, from theft and in nearby villages: «recently entered your soldiers, we are afraid that they are again a chicken or pig utaschat, but they are simply asked to eat». Caja, at least in conversation, rather sympathized with the Russians than the boil on the matter. «It’s a pity the children in such circumstances, serve», - he said, kachaya head.

2 March 2009 | army, deserter, georgia, glukhov

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