Russia and Georgia vosstanavliavyut issuing visas

Plans for diplomatic offices in Russia and Georgia on the interaction in the restoration of the visa regime are beginning to be embodied.

2 March 2009 | georgia, tbilisi

In Tbilisi will be a protest of opposition government
[interview with a deserter] soldiers fleeing from the Russian army in Georgia

Russia is ready to introduce visa regime with Georgia on a reciprocal basis.
Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili spoke today with an initiative to cancel the visa regime for Russian citizens.
The Russian Foreign Ministry was disappointed by reaction to the proposal of Tbilisi to restore Moscow’s diplomatic relations with the neighbor.
• MFA: Tbilisi lays down conditions for the restoration of diplomatic relations with Russia »»»
In December last year, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs
• Discussion on the question of excluding Russia from the G8 will begin August 19 »»»
“We have time to look at what the position of Russia on the various diplomatic, political and economic institutions”, - said Rice, responding to a question about the likelihood exception of Russia G8.