Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised Russians not to travel to Georgia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation encouraged the Russians to refrain from trips to Georgia. According to Russian diplomats, citizens of the Russian Federation not to visit this country, “not to become the target of provocation,” said RIA Novosti. Recommendation of the Russian Foreign Ministry is connected with the detention of Georgian police prokremlevskogo activist youth movement “Nashi” Alexander Kuznetsov.

17 April 2009 | diplomacy, georgia, ministry of foreign affairs

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• Georgian police demanded a ransom for the Russians with their children »»»
On Sunday, April 26, in the border village of Ahmadzhi between Georgia and South Ossetia Georgian police arrested two Russians decadal children.
Foreign Ministry recommends Russian citizens to refrain from visiting Georgia due to the lack of conditions for their safety.
• Russia remove mention of the Georgian passports Abkhazs »»»
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia will issue new passports with Russian citizenship residents of Abkhazia to replace the old, in which the 'place of birth "is the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic and Georgia.
• Saakashvili praised Lukashenko for courage »»»
Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili called the recommendation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus for its citizens to abide by the Georgian laws when visiting Abkhazia and South Ossetia, a bold decision of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.
Detained in Georgia, Russian citizen Konstantin Rodionov faces up to four years imprisonment for violation of the so-called law on the occupied territories.