Georgian police demanded a ransom for the Russians with their children

On Sunday, April 26, in the border village of Ahmadzhi between Georgia and South Ossetia Georgian police arrested two Russians decadal children. According to a source in law enforcement in South Ossetia, which cites Itar-Tass, a resident of Vladikavkaz Valentine Bedoevu accused of illegally crossing the border.
Contacting relatives of the detained, the police demanded that they pay a ransom of 3 thousand lari (about 60 rubles). Otherwise, it informs “Interfax”, against the Russians threatened to initiate criminal proceedings.
According to ITAR-TASS, the detainees and their children on Saturday visited their home in the border locality Leningor (Georgian name - Akhalgori). On Sunday they were going to visit other relatives who live on Georgian territory.
17 April 2009 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia encouraged the Russians to refrain from trips to Georgia. Appeal was issued on the day after the Georgia was arrested activist prokremlevskogo youth movement “Nashi”. April 17, Russian was released and left the country.

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