Should the president had to flee from Russian bomber?

So whether it was necessary to escape the president of Georgia in Gori, which was seen by Russian aircraft? Can such a case, accusing the president of Pakistan?
Effects of the President of Georgia is consistent with the basic charter of defense! The President was obliged to do so and to leave the area of the laser sight and that’s why …

and here the answer of Russia:

22 April 2009 | conflict, georgia, russia, saakashvili

The Baltics do not want in Georgia, even in companies with NATO
Georgian opposition Saakashvili left without a late dinner

• Mail Russia resumes an e-mail message with an almost Georgia »»»
C 21 Apr., 2008 Mail Russia resumes an e-mail message with an almost Georgia.
• Georgian parliamentarian considers entering Russia railway troops in Abkhazia as an act of aggression »»»
Chairman of the Georgian Parliament temporary committee on restoration of territorial integrity Shota Malashhiya expressed confidence that the railway troops entering Russia on the territory of the unrecognized republic of Abkhazia will be considered an act of aggression against Georgia.
• Nearly half of Russians want to see Yuzhnoyu Ossetia in the Russian Federation »»»
According to a sociological survey conducted at the Levada Center Levada-Center “among residents of large and medium-sized cities in Russia, 46 percent of Russians believe that South Ossetia should join the Russian Federation.
• Saakashvili: Russia may at any time once again to attack Georgia »»»
Russia to achieve its goals at any moment can go to a new aggression against Georgia.
• Evidence of war crimes Saakashvili handed over to the International Criminal Court »»»
Official representative of the Russian Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin