Georgian opposition Saakashvili announced a strategy for the removal from power

Methods opponents vary.

21 February 2009 | burdjanadze, georgia, opposition, power, saakashvili

Georgia has proposed to NATO aircraft sky, and the coalition - of their soldiers
Georgian opposition: “No more hayat Russia and shouting:” NATO, NATO “- this policy has brought Georgia to the tragic situation

• Georgian opposition protests against America »»»
In Georgia, yesterday continued opposition protests, which at this time mitingovala at the American Embassy: in the view of opponents, the U.
• Georgian opposition quashed a protest »»»
The rally, which is “united opposition” Georgia had planned to take place in the center of Tbilisi on 8 January, did not take place.
• Georgian expert suggested a cunning plan for the recognition of Abkhazia »»»
Famous Georgian expert Mamuka Areshidze believes that Georgia should take in respect of Abkhazia unexpected actions.
• Saakashvili called on opponents together to build a parliamentary republic in Georgia »»»
The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili met yesterday with leaders of unparliamentary opposition, which already spend a month in Tbilisi protests demanding his resignation.
• Poll: Citizens of Georgia as a whole does not support anti-Russian policy »»»
More than half of Georgia’s population - 59% of respondents to local branch of the National Democratic Institute of the U.