How singing, putin, or put in? Georgian Eurovision vs Russia

At the international contest “Eurovision-2009″ to be held in May in Moscow, Georgia, will present the disco group “Stefan and 3G”. The decision adopted Georgian selection committee, the team listened to the song “We don’t wanna Put in” (you hear “We do not want to Putin,” a pun on the English phrases put in - “write”), transmits radio “Echo of Moscow”.
The composition is a parody of militant politicians. In particular, the songs sung: “We Don’t Wanna Put In - The negative move - It’s killin ‘the groove”, with a hearing impairment that can be correctly understood and translated as: “We do not want Putin - This destruction - It kills all stoned. ”
Notably, the qualifying competition at the studio of Channel of Georgia was accompanied by protest action. Organization Internetforum “opposes the participation of the Georgian Singers in Moscow Eurovision, as it considers it inappropriate in a number of Russian occupation of Georgian territory.

19 February 2009 | echo of moscow, eurovision - 2009, georgia

Russia and Georgia have agreed to
Georgia has proposed to NATO aircraft sky, and the coalition - of their soldiers

• Information warfare at The truth against lies in the comments. »»»
News on the main digg’a, hundreds of people read the comments, but they are full of misinformation CNN and the glorification of the Georgian democratic leader.
• In Georgia, stopped broadcasting television broadcast "Ekho Moskvy" »»»
The Union of Georgian cable television temporarily stopped broadcasting on the territory of Georgia, the Russian TV channel RTVI, broadcast radio program “Echo of Moscow, told RIA Novosti on the phone editor in chief of Radio Alexei Venediktov.
• Russia wants to restore the partnership with the constructive forces of Georgia »»»
Russia intends to re-establish partnership with all constructive political forces of Georgia.
• Georgian opposition opened a criminal case on Saakashvili »»»
The second anniversary of the crackdown by special forces rally in Tbilisi, the Georgian opposition said a series of shares.
• Putin: the conflict in South Ossetia could be triggered by the U.S. to create a competitive advantage for one of the aspirants for the presidency of the United States. »»»
Vladimir Putin did not rule out that the Georgian-yugoosetinsky conflict triggered specifically to specially create a competitive advantage for one of the aspirants for the presidency of the United States.