Georgia: The activities of a megaphone in the territory of Abkhazia is illegal, he participates in the annexation

Implementation of work without a license was registered in Russia by provider «MegaFon» in the territory of Georgia represents yet another component in implementing the policy of annexation of Russia against Georgia. As the «Georgia Online», mentioned in a statement distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.
Perturbation of Georgia is the fact that the company «MegaFon» provides services in the territory of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
In this regard, the main prosecutor’s office of Ministry of Justice of Georgia has filed a petition to the Prosecutor General of Russian Federation. Georgian side asked to provide legal assistance in respect of «MegaFon», referring to international instruments, including the European Convention «On the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters»,
«According to his reply the Prosecutor General of Russian Federation dated 31 December 2008, Russian authorities denied a request to assist a legal aid». - The statement reads.
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, this fact is the «one more component of Russia’s policy of annexation of Georgian territory».

14 February 2009 | abkhazia, annexation, georgia, illegally, megaphone

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