Georgia has made to the Strasbourg Court, new claims against Russia

A leading human rights organizations of Georgia «The Association of Young Lawyers of Georgia» sent to the European Court of Human Rights against the dozens of cases that concern the fate of a total of 340 civilians affected by the August war with Russia.
According to the association, during the August events affected many civilians, Russian troops had breached their fundamental rights.
«It is a violation of such rights as the right to life, right to ownership, bans torture and inhuman treatment. In our applications combined deeds », - said chairman of the Association of Young Lawyers Tamar Khidasheli at a press briefing on 13 February.
According to her, the massive nature of the facts were illegal detention of citizens and the content in captivity. The prisoners were forced to do heavy work. Many of them have lost loved ones, create a real danger to their lives.
«Some of the victims became victims of cruel and degrading treatment. Massive destruction of property was. The houses of most residents of the Greater and Lesser Gorges Liakhvi completely burned », - said Khidasheli.
As a result, the Association submitted to Strasbourg for a total of 49 cases.
Young Lawyers Association is actively involved in the investigation of events since August. From this period, lawyers associations have begun to provide assistance to internally displaced persons of the Tskhinvali region’s people. The Association has provided free legal assistance to hundreds of people.
Review of General Affairs in Strasbourg - a lengthy process, so the association has demanded for their consideration on an expedited basis. However, advocates of NGOs demanded that the European Court of Georgia sent a fact-finding commission, which is on the ground deal with the circumstances of cases.
However, the work on these cases actively took part «The European Human Rights Center» (United Kingdom) and «Justice Initiative in Russia» (The Netherlands).
If the actions Russia will be forced to reimburse the compensation to refugees for the moral and material damage.

13 February 2009 | georgia

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