Special services of Georgia offered $ 100 000 for the murder of Michael Leontieva

Korrespondent «KP» met with Saakashvili’s former allies - functionaries of so-called alternative government of South Ossetia. And found out that the attacks in Tshinvale before the August war paid for the Americans
Brothers Karkusovyh well known in Tshinvale. Jamal once headed the local police. Janika do business. Just then, in 2006, the Georgian government has started a new project.
Janika shows:
- In special operations group were prepared on all fronts. Mine subversive case of sabotage, intelligence activities in the urban environment.
- That is, they were preparing terrorist attacks in South Ossetia?
- Just do not know. But I am sure that the special operation on the territory of Tbilisi attended special.
- I know about a contract killing, which did not take place - is recognized Jamal. - In summer 2007 the first journalist in Tskhinvali came Mikhail Leontiev. Georgians through its agents in Tshinvale monitor all movements Leontieva. I’ve heard that for his murder offered 100 thousand dollars. But until the killers were not able to get the money, Leontyev gone before. Name artist, I do not know. But the fact that the murder was preparing confirm.

9 February 2009 | georgia, leontiev, michael, murder

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According to the FSB Russian, Georgian security services are preparing attacks and sabotage against Russian troops in South Ossetia and Abkhazia.
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TBILISI, Sept. 4 - RIA Novosti. Georgian National Commission for
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