Ukraine and Georgia join NATO when all conditions are met

MOSCOW, February 8. In the position of NATO towards Ukraine after the Bucharest summit, nothing has changed. This was in an interview with radio station «Echo Moskvy» said alliance Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer.
«We have a decision taken in Bucharest. So far, nothing has changed, this is consistent with what the president said Sarkozy. This decision, as you recall, was that Georgia and Ukraine to become members of NATO, when all conditions are met. This is not right now. And here there is no specific timetable. But the principle is, and this principle is supported by all parties to the alliance », - he said.
Remember, on 2-3 December in Brussels, held a meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers, which considered the issue of Ukraine’s accession to the Action Plan on NATO membership. The Secretary-General of NATO Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said that «the decision on MAP was not adopted».
Схеффер also noted that NATO intends to provide more in-depth assistance to Ukraine in implementing the necessary reforms. «This means that NATO will optimize, enhance its assistance in the framework of the NATO-Ukraine Commission», - he said. According to him, it was decided to strengthen the NATO information office in Kyiv.

8 February 2009 | georgia, nato, ukraine, схеффер

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