Georgia complains again to Russia in Strasbourg Court

Tbilisi. February 6. INTERFAX.RU - Georgia has made inter-State application to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg against the Russian Federation regarding the “massive human rights violations on the territory of Georgia in August 2008,” said Justice of the country.
“It is a violation of the Russian Federation, some 2 nd article of European Convention rights to life, which manifested itself during the aerial bombing, ground troops and the actions of separatists managed by the Russian side,” - said the Ministry of Justice of Georgia issued on Friday.
“Also, it is a violation of guaranteed 3rd article of the Convention on the prohibition of torture and inhuman treatment of civilians, a violation defined by Article 5 right to liberty and security, in particular, it relates to the capture of civilians,” - says in the document.
Georgia, in the application, also accuses Russia “in forcing civilians to leave their homes and property.”

6 February 2009 | complains, court, georgia, russia, strasbourg

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