United States intends to deploy its military bases in Georgia

Washington is concerned about the intentions of Russia in Abkhazia to establish a marine, aircraft and two ground bases. This was on Sunday declared the representative of U.S. Department of State Matthew Bryza. As a deterrent can speak “antiplan, an open U.S. military bases in Georgia. In Tbilisi, suggest that the rejection of the U.S. military presence on Georgian territory could be held in exchange for a review of their plans by Moscow in Abkhazia, writes Nezavisimaya Gazeta.
   According to the publication, that Tbilisi has entered into negotiations with Washington on the establishment of American military bases in the port city of Poti and in Marneuli that the 40-minute drive from the capital, citing senior sources have told the Georgian news agency Caucasus Press ” . That was in late January during a visit to Georgia, delegation of U.S. Army in Europe, led by General Carter Hemom.
   According to the same sources, in meetings with the U.S. delegation discussed the prospects of military cooperation. With reference to the agency informant reported that issues related to the deployment of U.S. bases in Georgia, are under consideration between the military and Tbilisi can abandon this idea, if Moscow abandons plans for the deployment of its bases in the “occupied territories”.
   The fact that Georgia could receive American military and is no longer a local army instructors, talk in Washington after signing the Charter on a strategic partnership earlier this year.
   Popular Labor Party even issued a special statement in which they accused the authorities of intent to place in the American military bases in Georgia for 90 years, so that even for free. Opponents attack power when left unattended. Now the State Minister Temur Yakobashvili only said that he was about anything that is not known. “The United States is changing the government. They are probably other issues are discussed. On the previous administration? .. I do not recall that it took negotiations”, - he said.
   The expert on military matters Koba Liklikadze expressed doubts about the reality of the American plan to establish bases in Georgia. “After the war, in August in the United States to understand with whom they deal, and is unlikely to go to such a step. The Georgian authorities accountable through the media are trying to issue a wishful thinking” - said Liklikadze.
   On Sunday, Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Bryza told Reuters, that Moscow should not create a base on the territory of Abkhazia and should agree to an extension of the mandate of UN observers in the region. A day before the concern on the same subject was the press-speaker of NATO James Appaturay. “NATO to the deployment of Russian military bases in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. … NATO allies unanimously and unequivocally supports the territorial integrity of Georgia. NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer will certainly raise this issue at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov, Russia Munich, - Appaturay said.
   Recall that the press referred to the Speaker of the meeting scheduled for February 6. It is anticipated that it will discuss the restoration of part of the cooperation between Russia and NATO, interrupted on the initiative of the alliance in conjunction with the Georgia-South Ossetia conflicts.
   Base in Abkhazia: cheap and convenient
   January 30, an information that Abkhazia will be deployed two Russian military bases - air and sea. Russia wishes to deploy in Abkhazia some 20 aircraft, including fighter jets Su-27, Su-25 attack plane and a military transport aircraft. And in the area of the Abkhaz port of Ochamchira is planned to equip the item-based Black Sea Fleet naval ships of Russia.
   The airfield in Bomborah, the largest in the Caucasus, for the Air Force base as well as possible. First, do not require significant costs, since terrestrial infrastructure is available - in Soviet times, there for many years was a military airfield, which was deployed fighter, assault and transport aircraft. Secondly, the length of the runway is 4 km.
   She goes to the sea at a distance of less than one hundred meters, so the aircraft immediately after take-off can go to the super-altitude over the sea, not detected radars. When radio equipment means landing airfield once again be able to accept all types of combat and military transport aircraft.
   With regard to the deployment of Marine factions, the President of Abkhazia Sergei Bagapsh confirmed on 26 January ago: Such an agreement is, Russia in 2009 can proceed to establish the item-based Black Sea Fleet warships in the Abkhaz port of Ochamchira. Already specified by technical issues. Sources in the main headquarters of the Navy Russia also confirmed this information.
   Thus, the Russian troops on an ongoing basis to accommodate the Kodori Gorge, in Gudauta (on the basis of military airport) and Ochamchira (based on the seaport).
   Until September 1996, the Red Brigade Ochamchira based maritime border of the KGB, it was relocated in the Dagestani Kaspiysk. In the coming year in Ochamchira began dredging. They will take more than one year.
   After dredging the port will be able to take small and large landing ships, boats and sea trawler. Military sailors admit: they do not have the problem that the mooring berths Ochamchira all classes of ships, including cruisers. There will be based only a small part of the ship, the rest will remain at anchor at the port roads. But coastal infrastructure for maintenance and repair of ships, replenishment of water and food, ammunition will be created.
   On a final decision on the construction of piers for certain classes of ships will influence indicators of depth in the waters of the Abkhaz coast.

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