Georgia has resumed the transit of Russian gas to South Ossetia

Georgia has resumed the transit of Russian natural gas to South Ossetia, which was interrupted at the beginning of hostilities on 8 August last year, told RIA Novosti by telephone source in the government of South Ossetia.
   According to his data, gas entered the gas distribution stations of the country.
   “The goal is that tomorrow will be gas in Tskhinvali,” - said the agency interlocutor.
   Georgia in August not to renew the flow of gas, arguing that the pipeline is damaged on the territory of South Ossetia. Moscow declared that the fighting in the vicinity of the pipeline proleganiya were not, and offered to assist in the reconstruction of Tbilisi gas pipeline and the necessary clearance areas.
   The Deputy Minister of Energy of Georgia Nino Enukidze on 22 January reported that natural gas in the Tskhinvali region could come as soon as possible, so as to transit eliminated. According to her, damaged during the August events of the pipeline on the territory controlled Tskhinvali, has been restored Georgian energy security assurances under the EU and OSCE observers.

24 January 2009 | gas transit, georgia, resumption, south ossetia

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