A flock of hungry wolves attacked a village in Georgia

Wolves iskusali several people, including children, in the village of Pirosmani Dedoplistskaroyskogo area in Kakheti region in Georgia.
   According to the information center of Kakheti, in the last few days, pack of wolves made a few attacks on the village, leaving several people, including a child were pokusany.
   Information notes that doctors do not exclude the possibility of rabies in animals, so all pokusannym made immediate vaccination.
   The population of the village have appealed to local authorities to solve the problem of wolves, but the authorities paid attention to the situation just prior to, after a pack of wolves burst into ten yards of local residents.
   As the deputy head of the local municipality of Gela Tetrauli in the village set round the clock duty police officers and hunters.
   According to him, it is possible that wolves once again attacked the village.
   He noted that at the moment, the doctors carry out preventive vaccination against rabies in the population, and pokusannyh of domestic animals had to kill and bury

24 January 2009 | attack, georgia, wolves

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