Medvedev banned arms shipments to Georgia

“Federal executive authorities, public corporations, the unitary enterprises, other legal entities formed under the laws of the Russian Federation, and individuals in its work to assume that from the date of entry into force of this decree until December 1st, 2011 prohibited the supply of , sale or transfer of goods from the territory of the Russian Federation or citizens of the Russian Federation military products, including weapons and military equipment, related materiel, as well as dual-use products that can be used for military purposes, regardless of place of origin of products military and dual-use for these purposes, railway, waterway, air transportation, consultation, assistance, or services associated with the production, maintenance or use of weapons and military equipment, services, training in the field of military activity “- referred to in the text of the decree of the President.
   The president also instructed the Government in the event of detection of the supply, sale or transfer of goods by foreign countries or international organizations, arms and military equipment of Russian (Soviet) develop or Russian (Soviet) production to submit proposals to limit or terminate such States or organizations, military-technical and military and economic cooperation.

19 January 2009 | georgia, weapons

Renewed supply of Ukrainian weapons to Georgia. At this time, via Bulgaria.
A flock of hungry wolves attacked a village in Georgia

• Head of Commission XB: Kiev supplied Georgia offensive weapon »»»
Ukraine has a moral responsibility for what happened in the South Caucasus, for its equipment and arms have killed civilians and Russian peacekeepers.
• U.S. will not supply weapons to Georgia - Pentagon »»»
The U.S. does not carry out military supplies arms, ammunition and military equipment to Georgia, RIA Novosti said the representative of the U.
• SBU instituted criminal proceedings for disclosing gostayny of arms of Georgia »»»
The Security Service of Ukraine instituted criminal proceedings into the disclosure of information that are state secrets, according to a crime under article 1 hour.
• SBU did not find irregularities in the supply of arms to Georgia »»»
Investigators from the Security Service of Ukraine in the investigation of a criminal case into the disclosure of state secrets have completed checking the circumstances of supply of goods for military use in Georgia.
• Russia will introduce sanctions against the U.S. in case of supply of weapons to Georgia »»»
Russia impose sanctions against U.S. companies if they sell weapons of Georgia, said the Permanent Representative of Russia to NATO Dmitry Rogozin.