Renewed supply of Ukrainian weapons to Georgia. At this time, via Bulgaria.

From Varna Bulgarian Ukrainian missiles float in the Georgian port of Poti. Recently, from Bulgaria to Georgia by sea has been the party of ammunition worth about $ 5 million. In the Georgian port of Batumi is expected to have a ship with military cargo, amounting to some 6 million dollars. Even more important the transaction, approximately 100 million dollars, the Ukrainian arms mafia provernut prepared to supply troops to the Georgian anti-aircraft missile complexes of medium-range. It is because of such weapons Ukrainian antiaircrafter during exercises in the Crimea mistakenly shot down a Russian passenger aircraft flying from Israel over the Black Sea.
   Missiles at Kiev to shoot down Russian planes and in the recent five-day August war in South Ossetia. Now Georgia is preparing for the backlash. Victor Yushchenko has again helped his Kumu Mikhail Saakashvili, armed to the teeth.

14 January 2009 | bulgaria, georgia, illegal arms transfers, manpads, ukraine

Ukraine gas cut off valve
Medvedev banned arms shipments to Georgia

• Moscow has forced Israel to stop the supply of weapons to Georgia »»»
Despite warm relations with Georgia, increasing in the last days of tension in the Caucasus has prompted the Israeli defense establishment to veto the sale of weapons and unmanned aircraft Tbilisi.
• General Staff: Grouper Navy NATO in the Black Sea will increase to 18 ships »»»
In the Russian Armed Forces General Staff pointed out that the grouping Navy NATO in the Black Sea had risen to 10 ships expected to arrive eight.
• Ukraine's Prosecutor General's Office filed a case on the sale of missiles to Georgia, which are used against the Russian army »»»
The new government in a different look at selling Ukrainian arms to Georgia.
• Commission Rada: Ukraine continues to supply weapons to Georgia »»»
Ukraine continues to supply weapons to Georgia. Told deputies of the Verkhovna Rada.
• U.S. will not supply weapons to Georgia - Pentagon »»»
The U.S. does not carry out military supplies arms, ammunition and military equipment to Georgia, RIA Novosti said the representative of the U.