Ukraine gas cut off valve

Today was the event, which waited for the last week, and guessed that: to be or not. After the Ukrainian authorities have rejected the recent proposal by Russia gas prices, Gazprom has begun to gradually turn off the process of Ukraine on Russian gas.
   On that reach a satisfactory solution of all parties in Russia and Ukraine failed today at a briefing in Gazprom said Sergei Kupriyanov, spokesman of the company. He also noted

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Georgia: What mood are met in the Georgian New Year
Renewed supply of Ukrainian weapons to Georgia. At this time, via Bulgaria.

• Ganapolsky against Yushchenko »»»
Fear of the Ukrainian authorities to allow screening of the documentary “The War 08.
• Georgia said the failure of negotiations on Russia's accession to the WTO »»»
The Russian-Georgian negotiations on accession of Russia into the World Trade Organization (WTO) ended without result.
• Ukraine's Prosecutor General's Office filed a case on the sale of missiles to Georgia, which are used against the Russian army »»»
The new government in a different look at selling Ukrainian arms to Georgia.
• Veto Russia off the UN mission in Georgia »»»
UN mission in Abkhazia, Georgia and finally stopped on Tuesday at 8.
• Russia and Georgia signed an agreement that removes the last obstacle to Russia's WTO »»»
Ussia and Georgia signed here today a bilateral agreement relating to customs administration and monitoring of trade in goods.