Georgia has recognized its mistakes in the war with Russia

Commission of Parliament of Georgia to study the August events presented their findings. The report, consisting of 200 pages, read at the meeting of the committee chairman of the committee Paata Davitaia. «The Commission interviewed 22 senior officials, starting with the President of Georgia … In addition to the testimony of senior officials, the commission used the materials of Georgian, Russian and international media, and opinions of authoritative non-governmental organizations», - told Davitaia, transmits «News-Georgia».
   Georgia was not prepared
   The Commission concluded that the leadership of Georgia did not expect «large-scale aggression on the part of Russia» and was not ready for it. As stated in the conclusion of the report, «of the hearing committee found that the leadership of Georgia is not expected and was not ready for the aggression of this magnitude, which was carried out Russia against Georgia in August 2008». «Wake-up call on Russia’s part of Upper Abkhazia and the Georgian villages located in the north of a possible attack came in the Intelligence and Security Council. But the invasion of Russia through the regular Roksky tunnel and, in particular the dynamics of aggression by Russia proved an unexpected scale », - noted in conclusion.
   A could be
   Also, the Commission concluded that all the officials for several months to have information about the dynamics of complications and the expected escalation of the situation, but an analysis of the expected hazards has not been done properly. The Commission notes that the concept of national security is not enough aware of the likelihood of widespread military intervention by Russia, considering this risk as low.
   Also, the panel called a miscalculation by the fact that before the events in August, official Tbilisi has refrained from deligimitizatsii of Russian peacekeepers in conflict zones. At the same time pointed out that «in the context of international relations constructive approach in relation to the Georgia issue« peace »is not played as a deterrent to Russia».
   According to the Georgian Parliament, Russia, on the one hand, the facts «attacks» to the «peace» as the reason for their actions, on the other hand, «Turn your« Peace »contingent in full participant carried out against Georgian aggression».
   Russian troops remain
   Meanwhile, the Russia Foreign Ministry earlier said that Russian troops will remain in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, until these States do not receive full security guarantees. “Russian troops will remain in the required amount in Abkhazia and South Ossetia until a full guarantee for their security”, - said Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Grigory Karasin, RIA «News».
   On the night of August 8, Georgia, claiming a violation of the ceasefire on the part of South Ossetia, began shelling the capital of South Ossetia town of Tskhinvali and surrounding areas. 8 August in the conflict on the side of South Ossetia joined Russia, announced the commencement of operations «forced the Georgian authorities to peace». On 12 August it was announced its completion. August 26, Russia recognized the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and on September 17, concluded with them treaties of friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance.

21 December 2008 | georgia, russia, war

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Chairman of the Georgian Parliament temporary committee on restoration of territorial integrity Shota Malashhiya expressed confidence that the railway troops entering Russia on the territory of the unrecognized republic of Abkhazia will be considered an act of aggression against Georgia.
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Georgia has begun to prepare for war with Russia. This reflects the fact that the Chief of Joint Staff of Georgian Armed Forces.
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- The Georgian military were not ready for war? - No European country would be unable to resist the same number of Russian tanks on such a small space, as well as the entire Russian aviation.
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Georgia is preparing to attack Abkhazia to capture Sukhumi. The company on Monday, Deputy Chief of General Staff Anatoly Nogovitsyn.
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Representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry claimed that in Tbilisi are preparing yet another provocation against South Ossetia, aimed at destabilizing the situation.