E. Kokoity: Georgia’s plans Medvedev - Sarkozy

South Ossetian President Eduard Kokoity said on the complications of the situation along the border with Georgia, claiming that the latter violates the “plan Medvedev - Sarkozy.” Such a statement by the head of South Ossetia led the official site of the State Committee for Press and Information of the Republic.
   According to yugoosetinskogo president, “almost every day recorded shelling positions of law enforcement structures of South Ossetia, kidnapping”. However, E. Kokoity believes that international observers carry out their mission very strange, not reacting to it. ”
   “They (observers) activity is not conducive to the improvement of the situation, but instead exacerbates it. Georgia violates their action plan Medvedev - Sarkozy, with the tacit monitoring of international observers” - he said.
   Another provocation from the Georgian side took place on Saturday morning. According to Acting Minister for Home Affairs of South Ossetia Mikhail Mindzaev, office of law enforcement on the border with Georgia near the village of Nikozi came under fire from machine guns and other small arms. After that, all posts Ministry of Internal Affairs of South Ossetia has been ordered to open fire in case of a repetition of the shooting.
   European Union observers have begun to execute its mission in Georgia on 1 October 2008. A total of the mission are about 350 representatives of the European Union. Under the arrangements set out in D. Medvedev - N. Sarkozy, Russian troops left prematurely security zone on the Georgian territory adjacent to South Ossetia and Abkhazia. By agreeing to send observers to the conflict zone, the European Union thus has assumed the obligation to prevent acts of aggression by Georgia.

18 October 2008 | georgia, kakoyty, ossetia

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The President of the republic of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity that it is feasible to develop good-neighborly relations with Georgia.
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The European Parliament endorsed the main conclusions of the report of the International Independent Investigation Commission of the European Union.
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